Writing to God. Day Five

Ecclesiastes 3:1-20

I dreamt of bacon last night. Bacon! Honestly, it’s only been five days since Lent began & I gave up eating meat for forty days. How silly I feel to be that controlled by the physical. I heard someone say once that you didn’t know something was an addiction till you tried to give it up. So me & meat? Who knew!?!

I am weak & tired today. I’m always like it these days, to a greater or lesser degree. I’m holding onto the hope that this illness is for a season & that one day it will come to an end. But until that day comes I am painfully aware of my frailty, my humanity & my need for you to sustain me God.

Teach me how ‘to rest my scars in yours and live my broken life fully.’

(quotation from Rachel G Hackenberg’s poem Ashes to Ashes Confession).


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