We are blessed with a very delightful mature garden here in the vicarage. It’s been sadly neglected over the years but it’s wild, ramshackle look doesn’t make it any less beautiful. June has often been very dull this year but today it is scorching hot & the birds are singing in the trees. I think I can even hear the neighbour humming away as she potters about too. I do love sitting quietly outside & listening to the sounds of summer.

This morning I went to my usual physio Pilates session which is lovely as there are only four of us plus the physiotherapist. Despite the hard work with the physio balls this morning I came back home quite invigorated (who knew hanging upside down over a giant ball could do that!?). The Vicar had an early afternoon meeting so I wanted to make the most of his lunch break & decided to make courgette & watercress soup. It was very quick & rather delicious to eat alongside toasted tofu (much blander than I remembered) & tomato salad. We ate outside, of course which was rather perfect!

Now that the Vicar has gone to his meeting I have been joined by two enormous inquisitive pigeons! There are swallows swooping overhead too. I am loathe to go inside on such a lovely day but I have some prep work to do ready for tomorrow’s mums bible study. Perhaps there is time for a relaxing cuppa first…..

One thought on “Summertime

  1. The soup looks v tasty! what a lovely colour! Lovely too that you have started this blog! 🙂 Your posts are veryhonest and open. Thanks for sharing! xxx

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