Picnics & Peonies


Wednesdays in the vicarage are always busy. It’s the day the Vicar & I lead a group of mums & their preschool kids in bible study. At the moment we are using the Play Through The Bible resource by Alice Buckley alongside Tom Wright’s Luke for Everyone commentary & bible guide. This may seem an unlikely mix but it’s working really well & is a LOT of fun!

today we couldn’t use the church centre so we took our bible study out to the park. As the topic was the feeding of the 5,000 we decided we would take a picnic with us. It was a good time, although we didn’t really do much studying! But the company & conversation was uplifting & the fresh air was reviving. (I had to come home & have a nap afterwards though!).

Tonight, whilst buying kale, watercress & spinach for tea, my daughter suggested that we look at the flowers. The peonies that I was eyeing up a few days before but had rejected due to the price were now significantly reduced! So we bought a bunch & I added two buds from our garden to the vase. I’m a little bit excited that we have flowers in our garden that we can cut! (I didn’t want to cut all the flowers, hence the bargain purchase).

And now I am off to supper with the Bishop’s wife! It all seems a bit posh…. I am now questioning my decision to wear jeans & a top. I’ve no idea of the etiquette for these occasions! 🙂

EDIT: needn’t have worried- lots of other jean wearers there tonight!


2 thoughts on “Picnics & Peonies

  1. I love peonies! Want to grow some in my garden but am not very green fingered and so things seem to die off quite quickly once planted! (Might have something to do with the fact that I forget to water them??) Lovely that you got them reduced too! xxx

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