One Colour Short of a Rainbow


It’s very busy in the vicarage this week. So many jobs to do in preparation for the vicar’s ordination to the priesthood on Saturday evening. Added to this it’s transition time in school so we have been backwards & forwards all over town for extra meetings & inductions.

Anyway! Lots of niggley jobs have been completed so far & I’ve made the most of the ridiculously hot weather to finish painting the kitchen chairs that I started last autumn! I would have a full rainbow except for the fact that I’ve run out of primer so the blue chair will have to wait for another day.

[EDIT: At this point there was mutiny in the vicarage from several of the younger members & I ran out of steam to write any more hence my abrupt stop! I have since spent the evening sweeping leaves, hemming suit trousers, wrangling frogs who will insist on climbing into the wheelie bin & rescuing washing & my freshly painted chairs from a freak hail storm that came from nowhere! Life is never dull!]


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