Calm After the Storm?

Life here in the vicarage has been a little hectic for the past two weeks. I am breathing sighs of relief now that the vicar’s priesting has taken place as well as the baptism of our youngest child. Both celebrations took place on the same weekend to save family & friends travelling long distance on multiple occasions. Both events were hugely enjoyable but exhausting.


Our preparations for priesting began with lunch with the Bishop. The whole family went this year so there was added excitement! After all, it’s not every day that you get invited to a palace for the day, is it?


Fancy clothes were purchased & my very pointy shoes (which I affectionately call my winkle pickers!) were taken out of the wardrobe & dusted off. Much fun was had exploring the Bishop’s garden, climbing trees, eating delicious food & socialising with the other soon-to-be priests & their families. It was a lovely peaceful afternoon sat in the shade of the tree chatting, once the meal was complete.

And then the craziness began! The vicarage was a flurry of activity for three days & the help of friends was invaluable. The garden was tidied, cobwebs were dusted away, clothes were ironed & the whole house was prepared for the arrival of many people.


Cake was made in abundance too! I decorated a baptism and ordination cake to share with the whole church community after the Sunday service. It was actually quite a stressful process due to several delivery errors by Marks & Spencer’s of the plain iced sponge cakes. Two days later than planned it all came together finally but it didn’t leave me time to put my feet up before dashing out to the ordination service at the cathedral!


Unexpectedly, the church had also made an ordination cake for the vicar! So there was much cake to be shared around. Over one hundred people ate cake with us after the service which was wonderful. The staff at one of our children’s school benefitted from a huge slab of cake to eat with their Monday morning cuppa, the mum’s bible study group we run also enjoyed a slice or two. We took the extra wrongly delivered iced cakes from M&S to the local women’s refuge where a family in need will have cake for a child’s birthday that they might otherwise not had. it was good to share our abundance with those around us.


We hosted around fifty people at our house for lunch on Sunday, which was wonderful but very busy. I do love to host social things in our home. I love hearing the buzz of conversation & seeing folk enjoy themselves. Now that the wine glasses have been returned, the bin men have emptied our overflowing wheelie bins & a week full of meetings & school plays is coming to a close I think we are beginning to get back to a semblance of normality again. It felt good to go out to the shop this morning & buy the weekly groceries. This is something I have not felt well enough to do for well over a year. These little things bring me immense joy.


And as a reward I put together our new bargain hammock in the garden & did a spot of reading, rocking gently in the summer breeze. I might possibly have fallen asleep for while too. Sssshhh! Don’t tell anyone! đŸ˜‰

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