This Week


It’s been a busy week in the vicarage. I’m beginning to think that there isn’t any other type of week now that we are a clergy family! The past few days we have had an exhibition of art by local artists in the church building, a craft morning to make things for the Christmas fair & we hosted the youth group summer barbecue at our house. The vicar also led two Sunday morning services as well. Inbetween all these things we managed to watch the Wimbledon finals (doubles tennis is so exciting!).

it was a weekend full of surprises really. Unexpectedly a couple of friends came to church on Sunday. After spending the afternoon with us as a family the boy decided he was coming to church with us. He told everyone he didn’t know anything about religion because he’d never been to church before. He & his mum seemed to enjoy the whole experience.

The second surprise came after the youth barbecue on Sunday night. Another non church going friend came along & as he left he thanked the vicar for a fantastic evening. I overheard him saying to my eldest that he’d not had such a brilliant evening in a long time. A few burgers, some salad & cakes and an impromptu game of garden volley ball still equals a great time in this modern age! Hooray!


Today I finished off making the crochet heart garland I began on Saturday ready for the Christmas fair. It looks quite sweet hanging with the little baby Jesus wreath I made with the mums bible study group last Christmas. I just need to make a few more now!

It’s dull, wet & wintery here today. Perfect weather for a school sports day! Happy days eh?!

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