Luke 24

Tuesdays are my bible study prep days (after I’ve been to my Pilates class). This week is our last session before the summer holidays. I’ve had so much fun getting things ready! We will be looking at Jesus’s resurrection in Luke chapter 24. It seemed like a great opportunity for me to try making resurrection rolls, something I’ve wanted to try for ages.


After a quick trip to the shop to buy supplies & with some eager hands ready to assist, we began our culinary experiment. First we dipped a marshmallow (representing Jesus) in melted butter & then rolled it in cinnamon & sugar mix. this represents the oils & spices which Jesus body was anointed with after his crucifixion.


The spiced marshmallow was then placed on a ready made triangle of croissant pastry which represents the tomb Jesus body was laid in.


the tricky part is squashing the pastry around the marshmallow so that it doesn’t seep out during baking.


Once baked, cut open to reveal….


A surprise empty tomb!! (This was the only roll that actually worked. The dough needs a lot more squashing together, obviously). Either way, we had fun making them, they taste delicious & I’ve learnt valuable lessons ready for the mums bible study group tomorrow.


Part of my preparations also included raiding the toy box for the play mobile & nativity figures. Here are the eleven disciples waiting in the upper room….


…while the women walk to the tomb to prepare Jesus’s body properly for burial. BUT!!! When they get there the stone has been rolled away & Jesus has gone!


Two men greeted the women & told them that Jesus wasn’t dead but alive again! Do you like my tin foil tomb & stone? And the little folded cloth inside?


The final part of the story is on the road  where Jesus meets the travellers as they walk towards Emmaus.

I think we are going to have fun together tomorrow, don’t you? 🙂

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