The Vicarage Family

I grew up visiting many a vicarage as we had many vicarage family friends. I always thought the idea of living in a vicarage was wonderful, perhaps because vicarages back then were often large period houses full of character (& door handles that kept falling off!), which appealed to the fanciful part of me, but also because the vicarage children we knew got given a LOT of Easter eggs & special treats! I also loved the communal aspect of life in a vicarage & the cosy, homely hustle & bustle that it created. I suppose you might say that I was drawn to vicarage life because God was preparing me for the time when one day I would marry a man destined to be ordained in the Church of England.


The idea of marrying a vicar never crossed my mind until I met my now husband who announced that, despite his house church upbringing, he had felt called to ministry as a vicar since his teenage years. Over the past 21 years that I have known him, and the last 19 years of marriage there have been many times when we have seriously considered if this was indeed his calling. It never seemed quite right until five years ago when we began the discernment process in earnest. It was what we called Vicarage or Bust!

And now we are living the vicarage dream!! This little blog is my space to write about our vicarage life & whatever takes my fancy. I hope you enjoy reading my offerings.


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