Autumn Sunshine


Saturdays in the vicarage begin earlier than most of us would like because there are dance classes to attend which start at 9am. Today the walk home (or scoot) was beautiful. I do love seeing sunbeams especially when they show up on a photograph too.

The rest of today has been much more mundane with tidying, organising & other chores. It makes a change to have an at home Saturday after several crazily busy weeks.


Unexpectedly a parishioner popped by this afternoon with a huge bunch of floral sunshine for me just because. How lovely!



Another day in the vicarage, another random task! This morning after dropping the kids at school I came home to find the Vicar preparing for an assembly at the local primary school. He was lacking in visual aids but I quickly came to the rescue. And so that is how I came to be cutting out an abundance of giant tissue paper confetti hearts to stuff into a heart shaped tin first thing on a Tuesday morning. 🙂

Normal Service?


Phew! What a summer we’ve had! We have all decided it’s been the best school holidays we’ve ever had as a family. I’m not sure why really. It hasn’t been perfect; there’s been a fair few tantrums & meltdowns and quite a bit of bribery & nagging to get the kids to tidy bedrooms & the like, but even with all that it’s been good.

I think perhaps it was a good holiday in part because it began with the holiday bible club at church. The Vicar and the four smaller vicarage inhabitants were all part of that in one form or another, which meant that I had a whole five days between 9am & 2pm alone in the house. It just gave me breathing space to do a few chores, spend time with God & do some fun things like read or crochet at my own pace (I don’t think I’ve mentioned before that I have ME). It was very restorative!

anyway, six weeks have passed & we’ve done all kinds of fun things like sailing for the first time, visiting Legoland (also for the first time), going to London to see a West End show (Wicked, which was awesome!) & visit the Natural History Museum to see the dinosaurs, open air swimming & so much more! One of my more mundane highlights was sorting my wardrobe out & finally getting the bedding & towels in order! Sometimes, these little things just get on top of me so folding towels so they’re not in danger of precariously toppling on anyone who opens the wardrobe door was a big achievement for me! (We also gave six huge bags of outgrown clothes to charity which always feels good).

So now we are into the second week of the new term & the early starts & new routine are still a shock to the system but all is good. The sun shone gloriously today & the vicar & I enjoyed a wonderful early brunch out followed by a delightful semi aimless amble along the river, a peruse of a second hand bookshop & a little nap before school pick up. It’s what days off are for, in my humble opinion.  🙂